The Joke Zoom Comedy Boot Camp Course

Duration 6 h 3 m 48 s

The Joke Zoom Comedy Boot Camp Course

About Course

Welcome to The Joke Zoom Comedy Boot Camp! 

This is an exciting online course that will guide you through the basics of joke writing and performing stand-up comedy, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Throughout this course, you will gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of joke writing, including how to structure a joke, craft punchlines, and create humorous setups. You will also learn the essentials of delivering a stand-up comedy routine, such as how to engage an audience, use timing to your advantage, and manage stage fright. 

But what sets this course apart is its emphasis on Joke Zoom. This daily live online meeting connects comedy creators from all over the world to collaborate, brainstorm and develop their material. You will be encouraged to use Joke Zoom to practice your material and get feedback from your peers, in a supportive and constructive environment. 

By the end of this course, you will have gained the confidence, skills, and resources you need to develop and perform a hilarious stand-up comedy routine that will have your audience rolling with laughter. So, whether you're a seasoned performer or a beginner, join us today and take your first step toward becoming a successful stand-up comedian.





(Taking the course using your smartphone is possible, but not recommended. This course works best on a computer or tablet.)

Course content

videoWelcome1 m 2 s
videoWhat You'll Need1 m 1 s
videoMeet Your Instructor1 m 7 s
videoTaking This Course5 m 45 s
videoIntroduction54 s
videoThe Stand-Up Comedy Method19 m 17 s
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction57 s
videoCan I Be Funny?5 m 45 s
videoCreate Original Material4 m 15 s
videoCapturing Ideas7 m 8 s
videoComedy Brainstorming5 m 21 s
videoBeating Writers Block4 m 31 s
videoUsing Lists1 m 54 s
videoWorking Clean4 m 57 s
videoWrite Every Day1 m 26 s
videoBonus Content17 m 43 s
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction53 s
videoJoke Writing Tools20 m 15 s
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction42 s
videoTheories Of Comedy4 m 42 s
videoCutting Words5 m
videoPoint Of View1 m 23 s
videoThe 5 Ws1 m 59 s
videoMisdirection2 m 44 s
videoEnd On The Punch2 m 59 s
videoObservational Jokes5 m 21 s
videoOne-Liner Type Jokes2 m 44 s
videoSelf-Deprecation3 m 14 s
videoTags2 m 52 s
videoParallel Thinking2 m 54 s
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction54 s
videoWorking With Others4 m 23 s
videoWhat Is Joke Zoom?2 m 13 s
videoJoke Zoom Etiquette3 m 52 s
videoThe Joke Zoom Preamble4 m
videoModerating Joke Zoom Meetings5 m
videoAn Important Message1 m 2 s
videoJoke Zoom Registration Form
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction51 s
videoPerfomance Tools26 m 34 s
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction38 s
videoBuilding Your First Set3 m 50 s
videoMemorizing Jokes3 m 23 s
videoPregnant Pause5 m 11 s
videoCallbacks3 m 46 s
videoCrowd Work5 m 55 s
videoHandling The Mic Stand2 m 50 s
videoOvercoming Verbal Tics5 m 1 s
videoRehearsing Your Set5 m 41 s
videoRecord Your Sets1 m 28 s
videoHandling Hecklers3 m 30 s
videoTesting Your Jokes5 m 21 s
videoCount Your Laughs1 m 30 s
videoStand-Up Comedy Hierarchy1 m 38 s
videoOvercoming Stage Fright5 m 3 s
videoOpen Mics3 m 48 s
videoBonus Content6 m 32 s
videoSection Quiz6 m 30 s
videoIntroduction2 m 12 s
videoMeet Hilarobot33 s
videoFind Hlirarobot29 s
videoStart A Conversation1 m 26 s
videoUsing Prompts2 m 47 s
videoHilarobot's Prompt Directory
videoInteractive Conversation2 m 39 s
videoUsing Hilarobot5 m 35 s
videoDisclaimer2 m 6 s
videoFinal Thoughts1 m 28 s
videoBonus Content37 m 22 s
videoSection Quiz6 m
videoYou Did It!1 m 2 s

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